Food for the Soul

A good friend of mine came to the city to have his licensed renewed and decided to check on us so we decided to have dinner together. We ate at Penong’s, a popular grill restaurant in the city. Then we decided to have dessert at another place.

Since we can’t decide where to eat, we decided to drive around the city until we stopped by at the Huckleberry’s. We ordered some iced coffee and lava cake. And since I was dying for some Macha, I had one for myself.

The place was really cosy. There were a few people when we arrived. The lava cake was awesome and the macha I ordered was pretty good. We devoured our food and drinks over idle chit chat until we decided that it was time to go. 

It was great fun being reunited with your good friends in college since it is a rare case for us. And the food we had was a real treat! Would love to have some more bonding sessions like this.

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Jumping jumping


This is one memorable photo I took during my weekend getaway with friends. So my friends and I decided to hit the beach for some time away from work. We went to a popular beach area somewhere in Mati City, Davao Oriental. We were staying over at a friend’s relative and I happen to befriend this little kid who lives next door.

I decided to go take a stroll by the rocky beach and check out the water during low tide. This little guy wanted to take a swin so I told him he could if he asks permission from his granny. Gran allowed or so he says and so I accompanied him as he took a dip in knee high waters.

There was a sandy pool somewhere in the area that reached to an adults hip area. Little boy decided to splash around the pool when he realized that a jump would be so much better. And jump he did.


He had a lot of fun while I worried. I was thinking that his gran’s gonna have my head if something bad happen to him. Good thing our dip didn’t took ling as he was called home and I was called for breakfast.

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Penny for your thoughts

I could not remember the last time I have written, either fact or a work of imagination. I could not recall the last creative thought that ever came out of my heavily seduced imagination. I could not remember the last words I wrote on a random notebook. I could not remember anything at all. I could not.

It seems as if that as I professionally grow, I have forgotten what it’s like to be a person of deep concentration and imagination. My spirit has been stuck in a rut many times, but this is totally the worst rut that I found myself in. I found no muse, no inspiration. Not an ounce of alcohol could drag me to the sobriety of writing. But the alcohol instead drowned me of what-ifs. One thing is for sure, that I age into adulthood and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have childlike innocence.

Two weeks ago, I was in a tumultuous relationship with my self. My spirit was broken, my heart shattered into a million pieces and my mind fell into almost oblivion. The attention I craved, I took it all from those who were willing to give it to me, to those who were immediately available. I drowned my sorrows in the company of people who have little understanding of me and knew little of me. But their company, satisfied me for  a bit. It was a denial of the reality that I am facing at the moment.

And as I read random articles I find in the internet, as I tried to pick a book to read and to teach myself to love reading again, I find that my passion has lost it’s spark. Anxiety and depression loomed in on me, swallowing the last of the light that I hold on to.

And now, I find myself in front of laptop. I’m trying to get a fell of the keys once again. I’m trying to get the jive of writing again with the earphones plug into my ears and a melody ringing through them. It is only in this way that I can write. It is only in this way that I am able to write. And I hope that I would not be able to stop writing. I crave not fame, but an outlet of my deep-seated loneliness.

Maybe someday, I will be able to write in an spontaneous or compulsive way. I never want to stop writing at the moment. I never want to stop ever.

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Wednesday Madness

Meetings. It totally sucked the energy out of me.

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Wide Awake

I had only four hours of sleep and I was surprised that I didn’t doze off in the afternoon. It might be because I’ve been busy cleaning my table and my cabinets. Then we had to go do a home visitation which ended up in a colleague’s house visitation.

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Dad’s Birthday

Sunset at our rooftop “sort of” garden. Nice, isn’t it? Well, today is my dad’s birthday and I was asked to look/check on the grilled fish if it’s cooked or burnt. LOL.

My sister made this cake. It’s chiffon topped with chocolate ganache. Since dad is in his sixties, we put in six candles for him to blow.

That’s me and my sister finally taking a break from the bustle of the birthday party. It’s getting late already and the party’s winding down.

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Another Lazy Sunday

Excuse the face but this is how I look after a night of catching up with high school batchmates. Sure I drank and a bit hung over and got home around 3 in the morning but my damn body clock woke me at bloody 7 am. I’m tired.

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Saturday Meet-Ups

So I met up with my classmates from highschool and it was a memorable experience. One that I won’t be able to forget. I met up with people whom I did not expect to see or migle with again. It was a blast! We went bar hopping since most of the group did not want to part yet. Can I just say that someone just broke my heart, literally, into many tiny million pieces? It’ a fun event but it was also heartbreaking. But I’ll just laugh it out loud.

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Friday was kind of dragging. The weather was sunny in the morning and around noon it rained. It was awful. Why? Because it made me sleepy and I was still hours away til school let off.

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Thursday Titter

We sort of had a busy day but I managed to took a photo of me in my Thursday uniform. So here I am sitting in front of the class. Do ignore my unsightly background. This was first period and we had a routine reading of new words and spelling. I am hoping that they will improve their reading and spelling skills.

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